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Planned outages and unplanned outages.REMIT reporting

Planned outages and unplanned outages. REMIT reporting


2024 Forecasted capacity unavailability

In the period starting on 22th March 06:00 AM to 14th May 06:00 AM, Withdrawal and Injection Capacity will be limited to max. 75%.

Moreover, in accordance with the provisions of the GTCSS (art. 12.3), EGD officially informs that injection and withdrawal capacities will be further restricted as follow:

2024 Additional maintenance

From to 21th April 06:00 AM to 4th May 06:00 AM Injection Capacity will be limited to 50% (13 days).

2024 Planned Maintenance

The Planned Maintenance is scheduled starting from 4th May 06:00 AM until 18th May 06:00 AM (14 days)  with full restriction of Injection and Withdrawal capacity during this period.

Moreover, EGD informs that in relation to the Take Over Points/Return Point Oude Statenzijl (Etzel - Crystal - H) due to BEP maintenance withdrawal and Injection Capacity will not be available on 18th September from 08:00 AM to 18:00.

Compliance Report

2023 Compliance Report is available (only German Version)





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