The allocation process for the storage period starting from July 1st 2016, 6 a.m. and ending not later than April 1st 2041, 6 a.m for commercial storage operations of EDF Gas Deutschland GmbH at the Etzel cavern site was advertised on May 31st 2016 and has started on June 15th 2016. The allocation mechanism "first committed, first served" has been applied.

Please note that the whole gas storage capacities offered by EDF Gas Deutschland have been allocated from July 1st 2016, 6 a.m. until April 1st 2036, 6 a.m. EGD decided therefore to close the allocation process as of 16th of June, 2016.

EGD commits to inform potential interested storage customers in case any possible gas storage capacity might become available in the future.   

Further information about the procedure for booking storage capacity, about how a storage contract comes into existence as well as further information about our Storage Products and Fees, details of our Storage Facility and other special services can be found hereafter on this website.



EGD offers storage bundle unities (packages) that will be called SBU.

Following the amendments for the Storage Year 2019/2020, each SBU will consist of combination of working gas capacity with an injection and withdrawal rate, in which the ratio of the three components relative to one another is fixed and predefined:

o    Maximum Injection Rate 22.5 MWh/h

o    Maximum Withdrawal Rate 39.375 MWh/h

o    Working Gas Capacity 20.19 GWh

These storage bundles can only be booked on a firm basis.


The individual storage capacities (working gas capacity, injection and withdrawal rate) will also be available for separate bookings. These unbundled storage capacities will allow storage customers to increase their flexibility.

Unbundled storage capacities may be also booked as interruptible capacity at a reduced price.





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