EGD offers storage bundle units (SBU) , each SBU consists of a combination of working gas volume with injection and withdrawal capacities.

These storage bundles can only be booked on a firm basis.

The storage capacities (working gas volume, injection and withdrawal capacities) can also be booked separately. These unbundled storage capacities enable storage customers to increase the flexibility of storage services.

Unbundled storage capacities may be also booked as interruptible capacity at a reduced price.

 Total firm characteristics

Product "1"

Storage bundled firm, (SBU)

Product "2"

unbundled  Storage Capacity, firm, (SBU)

Product "3", unbundled  Storage bundled interruptible, (SBU)

Working Gas Volume

(SY 19/20)

2,019 GWh20.19 GWhup to 2,019 GWh251 GWh
Injection Capacity (Max)2.25 GWh22.50 MWh/hup to 2.25 GWh337.5 MWh/h
Withdrawal Capacity (Max)3.9375 GWh39.375 MWh/hup to 3.9375 GWh337.5 MWh/h
SBU 100  

(*)  Potential Storage Customers who have made Binding Storage Service Requests are advised that the sum of Product "1" and Product "2" shall not exceed the Total firm characteristics
(**)  Potential Storage Customers who have made Binding Storage Service Requests for firm storage capacities and wish to book interruptible storage capacities shall have priority over potential Storage Customers who make Binding Storage Service Requests for interruptible storage capacities only.

The storage services are offered without transport services to/from the Storage Facility's injection-/withdrawal points which are: i) Oude Statenzijl (ETZEL-CRYSTAL-H) (NL) within the gas transport network operated by Gasunie Transport Services B.V. (GTS), ii) Etzel (Speicher Crystal), Bitzenlander Weg 10 (Germany) within the gas transport network operated by Open Grid Europe (OGE), iii)  UGS ETZEL CRYSTAL within the gas transport network operated by Open Grid Europe (OGE):

Take Over Points/Return PointsNetwork OperatorMarket Area
OUDE STATENZIJ (ETZEL - CRYSTAL -H)Gasunie Transport Services B.V (GTS)TTF (Netherlands)
ETZEL (SPEICHER CRYSTAL), BITZENLANDER WEG 10*Open Grid Europe  GmbH ("OGE")Trading Hub Europe (Germany)
UGS ETZEL CRYSTAL*Open Grid Europe  GmbH ("OGE")Trading Hub Europe (Germany)

* The usage of the Take Over and Return Points Etzel (Speicher Crystal) Bitzenlander Weg 10, ETZEL CRYSTAL and  UGS ETZEL CRYSTAL can only take place on an interruptible basis.


Information about the procedure for booking storage capacity, about how a storage contract comes into existence as well as further information about our Storage Products and Fees, details of our Storage Facility and other special services can be found hereafter in the download area.

  • General Terms and Conditions for Storage Services (GTCSS)
  • Annexes I, II, III to the General Terms and Conditions for Storage Services (GTCSS)
  • Storage contract
  • Binding Storage Service Request
  • Notices for Storage Years

In relation to the allocation process, please note the following:

  • The submission of a duly filled out and completed Binding Storage Service Request constitutes a binding offer to conclude a storage contract with EDF Gas Deutschland GmbH on the basis of its General Terms and Conditions for Storage Services (GTCSS) for the requested Storage Product(s) at the Fees published in Annex III to the GTCSS and updated in the notices for the relevant Storage Year.
  • The General Terms and Conditions for Storage Services (GTCSS) form the contractual basis for the use of our storage capacities and storage services and are an integral part of any storage contract concluded with EDF Gas Deutschland GmbH.

When deciding about Binding Storage Service Requests, EDF Gas Deutschland GmbH applies the allocation mechanism "first committed first served" and, in case Binding Storage Requests are received by EDF Gas Deutschland GmbH at the same time, gives preference to those Binding Storage Service Requests which ensure a full and consistent utilization of the Available Storage Services as further specified in § 2 (7) of the GTCSS.


The allocation process for the storage period starting from July 1st 2016, 6 a.m. and ending not later than April 1st 2041, 6 a.m for commercial storage operations of EDF Gas Deutschland GmbH at the Etzel cavern site was advertised on May 31st 2016 and has started on June 15th 2016. The allocation mechanism "first committed, first served" has been applied.

Please note that the whole gas storage capacities offered by EDF Gas Deutschland have been allocated from July 1st 2016, 6 a.m. until April 1st 2036, 6 a.m. EGD decided therefore to close the allocation process as of 16th of June, 2016.

EGD commits to inform potential interested storage customers in case any possible gas storage capacity might become available in the future.


 Product "1", Storage bundled firm, (SBU)Product "1", AvailableProduct "2", unbundled  Storage Capacity, firm, (SBU)Product "2", AvailableProduct "3", unbundled  Storage bundled interruptible, (SBU)Product "3", Available
Working Gas Volume20.19* GWh0up to 2,019* GWh0251 GWh0
Injection Capacity (Max)22.50 MWh/h0up to 2.25 GWh037.5 MWh/h0
Withdrawal Capacity (Max)39.375 MWh/h0up to 3.9375 GWh0337.5 MWh/h0

*   The Working Gas Volume includes firm and interruptible capacity and refers to Storage Year 2019/2020 and is subject to yearly revision due to reduction of the space of caverns following the salt creep effect. Consult the download area to verify the capacity offered for each SY


Please find below the storage services and capacity products currently available on the secondary market, according to the provisions of § 10 of GTCSS "Secondary Market, Transfer of Rights and Obligations"

  • No offer at the moment


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  • Guidelines for Good TPA Practice for Storage System Operators (GGPSSO) of 2 March 2005 as published in July 2011





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